Blog 2 – Genoise sponge

Genoise Sponge

Many thanks to Mandy Chew for introducing this sponge to me.  It is worth the effort to master this sponge, as once you have it is very quick and versatile.

I used this recipe for my first attempt:



My first attempt:

genoise 1


What I did wrong:

  1. I did not beat the egg and sugar enough
  2. The oven was not preheated to the correct temperature
  3. When I added the butter directly into the mix it knocked all the air out of the mixture


Second Attempt

So after researching this sponge and watched about 5 video’s all of which had different technique’s I decided to try this sponge again. I used Mandy Chew‘s ingredient list but reduced the butter content to 15g. What I did different to the first time round, I whisked the egg and sugar for 10mins (as suggested by one of the video’s) I also sifted the flour 4 times (suggested by another video) and finally I added some of the mixture to the melted butter before incorporating it into the main mixture (yes you guessed another video). The result, a soft and fluffy sponge, I also got double the yield.  I am happy the Genoise did not beat me !



Egg and sugar beaten for 10mins



Mandy Chew has recently updated her recipe for Genoise and Theresa Ka Wai Mok made a successful sponge the first time recently (26/10/14).



 3rd Attempt

I made Paul Hollywood’s strawberry mousse cake, the mousse sat on a genoise sponge.  I followed the recipe and the sponge came out lovely.  The cake was delicious too.  The recipe can be found on here:

This technique of whisking the eggs until the “ribbon” stage is very useful, the Japanese Castella cake uses the same method.









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