Bor Lor Bao

These are available in most Hong Kong Bakeries and something I grew up eating.  The name Bor Lor Bao, literally translates to Pineapple Bun because it looks a like a pineapple.  This particular recipe was kindly shared by Susan Liu and she obtained it from a bor lor bao master! I did try making this once before but failed, this […]

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Hokkaido Bread

Recipe I used: I used strong bread flour and normal full fat milk. the recipe from this lady: If kneading by hand: The kneading method I followed was this fork, slap and fold method. it took about 10mins for the dough to reach the the window pane stage. Tang Zhong Tip Sieve the flour, whisk the flour and water […]

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Man Tao

After trying several recipes, this is the one I found to be best and now use on a regular basis; It is important to steam these on a steady heat, as too much steam results in dimply and wet bao’s.  Once you have completed steaming, let the bao’s sit with the lid on for about 5 to 10mins, this […]

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