Baked Pork Chops in tomato sauce – Theresa Ka Wai Mok

Theresa Ka Wai Mok – shared 24th Jan 2015

Here’s my recipe
1 either plain boil rice or egg fried rice for base
2. Pork chops marinated and grill ..

3. Onions, tomatos .. in a pan put in onions and tomatos , stir fry it add ketchup .. then add water to bring it to boil .. add Worcester sauce ( 2/3 drops) .. pinch of salt and a few tablespoons of sugar ( depend on how sour or sweet u like it) .. taste the sauce ..
4. Once to ur liking .. get the sauce to thicken up .. but not too thick
5. Place the pork chops onto the rice
6. Sauce over it ..
7. Foil over tray .. then in the oven 200c for 30 -40mins ..
Hope this helps

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