Blog 5 – Chiffon Sponge Flour

Chinese sponge/chiffon sponge

I decided to experiment with two different flour’s.  In the past I have used normal plain flour but this time used Mcdougalls plain flour and made one sponge and then the 00 flour and made a second sponge.



Yolk mixture after whisking



Egg white mixture




Whites folded into the yolk mixture



One sponge was split into two






The sponge on the right is the 00 flour.



I made a mango filling for the cake, the top two layers are the 00 flour.

chiffon sponge


The verdict

There was a slight difference between the sponges and overall both flours were far superior to the ordinary plain flour I used in the pass.  I would definitely only use 00 flour for any future Chinese sponges I make.  The sponge was lighter and fluffier.


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