Almond flavoured HK Papercup Sponge

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The Following made 7 full sponges 3 large egg whites40g Sugar3 Large egg yolks20g Sugar100g PL flour40g oil70g Milk1 TSP of almond flavour METHODPlease follow Christine’s method to make the cake mixture Next time I will try 2 Tsp of almond flavouring and add almond flakes to the top of the sponge part way through …

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Jam and Coconut Sponge with Pink Custard

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I used followed recipe I used my 5inch square tin and scaled the recipe down to: 115g SR Flour115g Sugar115g Butter2 large Eggs2TBSP Milk1/2tsp Baking Powder1/2 tsp Vanilla Extract The Pink Custard35g strawberry blancmange1TBSP sugar3/4 pint of milk I baked at 160 fan for 40mins. The next time I will try:100g SR flour50g sugar100g …

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Baked Soya Chicken Thighs

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I followed this recipe: using the Ninja bake/roast function, baked for 25mins. I omitted the rice wine and used the following ingredients:6 Chicken thighs1/4 cup soya sauce3 tbsp honey2TBSP brown sugar2TBSP sesame oil4 cloves of garlic1 tsp ginger


Portioning and budgeting! Gammon cost £10 portioned into 4 approx 600g each. I used the Ninja, pressure cooking function. Put the gammon on a trivet, cover in water add bay leaf, peppercorns, carrots and onions. Pressure cook for 12mins, natural release. Empty the stock, portion and freeze for soups etc. Finish off the meat using …

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Greggs Cheese and Onion Slice

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I followed this recipe: I would recommend 2 medium potatoes is enough for 4 large pasties.I also added some hot and spicy cheese to one pasty. Ingredients list I would recommend: 2 medium potatoes1 large onion (fried gently for 10mins)100g Mature cheddar cheese1 TBSP Olive Oil1TBSP Butter1 Eggsalt and pepper to taste Baked in a …

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F’ing T Cake was hidden gold

F’ing T Cake otherwise known as the Taiwanese Castella Cake If you don’t know what a Taiwanese Castella cake is please watch these:The Emojoie video which trended the internet: Cake as big a toddler bed! In the food group I kept seeing lots of members fail at making this cake but what stood out was one …

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