Cherry Cream Cheese Buns

I saw these frozen cherries in the supermarket and wanted to do something with them and decided on a cherry cream cheese bun. I couldn’t find a recipe for the Cherry Cream Cheese filling so freestyled it. I used 375g Hokkaido Bread I used my mini chiffon tins which are 11cm in diameter to …

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Gai Mai Bao – Cocktail Bun

I used my go to Hokkaido bread I reduce the sugar from 60g to 40 g for 1 batch I use 70g of raw dough per bao. The filling I used from this recipe: Filling for 6 76g butter 36g PL Flour 38g Milk Powder 30g caster sugar pinch of salt 16g desiccated coconut …

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Hokkaido “wool” bread

I used my go to hokkaido bread, 375g of flour plus TZ which can be found here: I split the dough into 6 equal parts and use a 8inch round push tin. I rolled the dough as per this recipe: I need to take a bit more time cutting and rolling to get …

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Bor Lor Bao

bor lor bao

These are available in most Hong Kong Bakeries and something I grew up eating.  The name Bor Lor Bao, literally translates to Pineapple Bun because it looks a like a pineapple.  This particular recipe was kindly shared by Susan Liu and she obtained it from a bor lor bao master! I did try making this …

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Hokkaido Bread

hokkaido bread

Recipe I used: I used strong bread flour and semi skimmed milk. The recipe from this lady: Original recipe makes 2 small loaves in a loaf tin 375g Bread flour 60g Sugar 1/2 tsp salt 7g yeast 125 ml milk 1 egg 43g melted butter 145g TZ 560g bread flour makes 3 small loaves …

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