Kiwi and Apple Jam

My lovely neighbour Sue gifted me some Riverford Kiwis’s and Apples. The last batch she gave me I made some Kiwi daiquiri’s which was lovely. This time I decided to make Jam in the bread machine as it is something I have not done yet. Years ago I did use the Jam function to make …

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Ever since I saw Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall making marshmallows on a tv show several years ago I always wanted to try it myself.  I really enjoyed making these but will have to make a smaller batch next time as the marshmallows expand quite quickly as large bowl is needed.  I had to stop whisking as the …

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Chilli oil

Homemade chilli oil.  I don’t have proportions I have never measured anything when I make this.  I am posting it as I know many of you enjoy my chilli oil. Ingredients Fresh Garlic Hot chilli flakes Extra Virgin Olive oil  

Freezer food – Ginger and spring onion oil

ginger and spring onion oil

This Chinese pesto is traditionally eaten with boiled chicken.  It is so yummy that you have to eat several bowls of rice! I find it so useful to have some in the freezer, I liked it smothered all over my noodles too. Ingredients Ginger – grated and or blitz in a food processor Spring onion …

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