Dan kwok

My mum has always made these and there are many variations you can make.  I used pork mince, spring onions, grated carrot and I marinated the mixture with ginger wine, corn flour, some chinese spice and salt and white pepper.  I let it marinade for about 15 to 20mins and then I added the egg to the mixture.  The bowl […]

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Yam Croquette

This has been on my ‘to make’ list for along time but unfortunately I have not been able to source any yam or taro in my local area.  During my visit to Reading this weekend I wanted to make sure that I purchase some.  When visiting my good friend Jenny, I was shocked to see this massive Yam on her […]

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Bor Lor Bao

These are available in most Hong Kong Bakeries and something I grew up eating.  The name Bor Lor Bao, literally translates to Pineapple Bun because it looks a like a pineapple.  This particular recipe was kindly shared by Susan Liu and she obtained it from a bor lor bao master! I did try making this once before but failed, this […]

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