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Lynne shared this on this on the 12th Jan 2015.  I love it, as it is economical and you can prep it and freeze it.

Lynne Lee-Diep – tips for cheats char siu

Turned this 2kg lump of pork shoulder into x4 char siu meals! Pork cost me £4.19 (£2/kg)
Used one sachet of Roast Red Pork Seasoning Mix for 1.6kg meat (after trimming fat & removing skin)

Its a cheats char siu really as I use a seasoning powder. I usually buy pork shoulder steaks but with shoulder joints at £2/kg in Asda it’s a really good economical buy. I cut the fat & skin away from the shoulder joint, trim away a little bit of the fat, then cut joint into strips like char siu. Shoulder steaks are easy as you don’t need to cut at all.
The brand of char siu mix is in photos & you get two sachets. I sprinkle the power to cover the meat both sides & the moisture in meat soaks the seasoning powder making a kind of glaze on the meat. I usually use about half a sachet with a 600-800g pack of pork steaks. Yesterday, I used a whole sachet on the meat from the shoulder joint which worked out at 1.6kg (after skin removal & trimming).
For pork steaks I use the halogen oven & roast 10 minutes each side (approximately) at 170-190 c.
I add clear runny honey 5 minutes towards end for a sweet finish & if you like charred bits, crank up heat & watch meat carefully.

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