Cherry Cream Cheese Buns

I saw these frozen cherries in the supermarket and wanted to do something with them and decided on a cherry cream cheese bun. I couldn’t find a recipe for the Cherry Cream Cheese filling so freestyled it.

I used 375g Hokkaido Bread

I used my mini chiffon tins which are 11cm in diameter to make mini wool bread. 120g of dough divided into 6 and wrapped using the wool bread method

I used my Hong Kong Paper Cup Sponge tins for the tall tulip buns. 50g of dough was used in each. More dough can be used for even taller bun if desired.

I used my Dan tart cases turned upside down with a silicon cupcake case on top for the well buns. 40g of dough was used for each bun.

The filling ingredients

100g frozen cherries

35g Sugar

100g cream cheese

30g Milk

1 egg yolk

13g corn starch

13g butter

Cook the cherries and sugar until the sugar dissolved and cherries are soft. Blitz the mixture until smooth, you can sieve it at this stage for a smoother finish. Return the sieved mixture to the pan, add the cream cheese and milk, cook on low heat until the cream cheese is melted. Turn the heat off, add the egg yolk and mix well. Sieve in the corn starch and stir in until it is smooth, add the butter, cook mixture on low and keep stirring until it thickens. Set aside to cool to use later.

The sour cherry was lovely with the sweet and buttery bun, you can add more sugar when cooking the cherries if you wish for it to be sweeter. I really like the tulip shape buns and will use the tins again in the future. I am also delighted at how the well buns turned out. I will be making these again with a strawberry cream cheese filling topped with fresh strawberries, creme pat with various fresh fruit in the future.

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