Clay Pot Pudding – put ja gow

Claypot Pudding

(FOUNDATION Dim Sum MAKING – Kitty Choi)

320g rice flour
320g brown sugar
960g water
(pre-cooked red beans as needed)

Boil 320g of water with sugar until dissolved. Set aside and cool.

Mix cold sugar syrup with rice flour to form thin paste.

Boil 640g of water abd slowly pour into the thin paste stirring all the time.

Place small bowls in the steamer to heat and pour in mixed ingredients. Steam on high heat over boiling water for 2 minutes.

Add a few red beans in the centre of the puddings and steam for another 15 minutes until cooked.
* There are quite a few traditional ways to mkae this; adding glutinous rice flour to the rice flour or rice flour with tang flour. But here only rice flour is used and also mixing half the cold water to form paste before adding the sugar solution. The reason is that pudding made with this method is not sticky and still soft the next day. If the weather is hot and chilling is required, it will still not get hard.

** Red beans are added after 2 minutes after steaming to allow pudding to set slightly so that the beans will not sink to the bottom and affect appearance of the pudding.

*** Steaming time is very important. If the pudding is not cooked, it will not be possible to turn it out of the bowl. Overcooking will split the pudding.

**** There is no need to grease the steaming bowl. It is easy to turn the pudding out after cooking. This is a healthy pudding.

***** If making a white pudding, just change to white sugar. If 1/2 teaspoon of coconut essence is added, it becomes a coconut flavoured clay pot pudding.

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