Coconut Pudding – Lynne Lee-diep

Lynne’s Coconut Pudding (soft, wobbly set like panacotta)200ml coconut milk

200ml fresh milk

120ml cold water

60g caster sugar

4 sheets of leaf gelatine

50ml cold water


Snip the gelatine into small squares and soak in a small heatproof bowl with 50ml cold water.  Leave to soak for 10 minutes, it will soften and feel rubbery.  Then stand the bowl in a pan of hot water.  Stir the gelatine to dissolve.

Place 120ml water into a pan and add the sugar.  Warm to dissolve the sugar.  Once dissolved, pour into a jug along with the fresh milk, and coconut milk. Add in the dissolved gelatine mixture and mix well but not to vigorously to create excess bubbles.

Pour the milk/water/gelatine mixture into moulds.  Refrigerate to set.

Unmould by briefly dipping mould in hot water before inverting.


This is a wobbly set pudding.  If you want something firmer, I would suggest using 5 sheets of leaf gelatine.

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