Cook day 3rd Mar 21

Today I made:

3 Cornish Pasties

6 Bor Lor Bao

6 Gai Mai Baos

3 HK sausage rolls

1 “wool” bread


I used my go to Hokkaido bread recipe:

I used 375g flour plus TZ to make this wool bread

I used 560g flour plus 217g TZ to make 6 Bor Lor Bao (70g raw dough each), 6 Gai Mai Bao (70g raw dough each), 3 HK sausage rolls (90g raw dough each). I reduced the sugar from 90g to 60g as the filling is sweet.

The majority of today’s bakes went to my aunt who has Michelin Star standards, Gordan Ramsey and Uncle Rogers critiques are nothing compared to hers! So we shall see if they meet her standards!

IMG 20210304 WA0005
Uncle James eating his Cornish Pasty for lunch 4th Mar 21. I am awaiting on my Michelin review from the Aunt!

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