Cornish Pasties

This bake was inspired by my pirate cornish friend who kept making them, so I thought I would give it ago! I have since made quite a few batchs.

I have used this recipe for the traditional cornish pasties and they are delicious. I have also made alternative fillings such as lamb & mint with feta cheese, steak and stilton and vegetable curry.

This is the original cornish recipe I have used:

Filling for 3

200g Beef

150g diced potatoe

75g Swede

small onion diced

Pastry for 3

60g Lard

65g Butter

250g Bread flour

1/2tp Salt

88g Cold Water

The Vegetable Curry Pasty I used this filling, the quantities are enough for about 11 pasties.

2 thoughts on “Cornish Pasties”

  1. Excellent results yet again my friend, your food creations are not only inspirational but full of flavour and made with the passion that has driven you for many years. Keep creating x


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