Easy Cheat HK Char Siu – Theresa Ka Wai Mok

Theresa’s Easy Cheat HK Char Siu

Theresa’s Easy Cheat HK Char Siu

Pack of pork belly rashers

LKK Char Siu sauce

Hoisin sauce

little salt, sugar, white pepper

runny honey or golden syrup


Get yourself a pack of pork belly strips.

Wash n drain.  Make sure it’s rindless or remove the rind.

Add 2 – 3 table spoon of LKK char siu sauce with 1 spoon of hoi sin sauce.

Mix the two sauces with the meat. Add a sprinkle of salt and half a spoon full of sugar and a pinch of white pepper mix all together.

Leave in fridge until you’re ready to cook it.

Oven about 200C.

Place strips of pork on baking tray.

Pour any left over sauce on to the pork.

Cook for about 30 mins then turn the pork strips over.

Cook for another 10 mins or so.

When you think the pork is cooked (now this is the trick to making hk style bbq pork) get some honey or golden syrup.  Brush the sauce onto the meat n put it back in to the oven for 3 -5 mins.

Repeat on both sides and in 50 mins or so, you have juicy char siu!


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