F’ing T Cake was hidden gold

F’ing T Cake otherwise known as the Taiwanese Castella Cake

If you don’t know what a Taiwanese Castella cake is please watch these:
The Emojoie video which trended the internet:

Cake as big a toddler bed!

In the food group I kept seeing lots of members fail at making this cake but what stood out was one particular lady who repeatedly failed.  After 7 years of baking, mastering the chiffon, genoise sponge, bread, learning the difference between soft, medium and hard peaks and what Tang Zhong was I thought how difficult could this cake be!  After all it has 5 ingredients, eggs, flour, sugar, butter and milk, the method is pretty similar to a chiffon.  During lockdown one this cake was my challenge and a much needed distraction during some tough times.  My first attempt failed but it did not deter me, after all there are only so many variables to this cake.  After a few more attempts where I had adjusted a fair amount variables I was beginning to think I may have been beaten. 

A rethink was required! I needed mentoring and support to achieve success, so on the 1st May 2020 I set up a messenger group which consisted of 5 ladies who had either baked it successfully or who knew their baking.  

Over the next months, these ladies helped me troubleshoot, they watch me heat the oil, ensure the egg whites were whipped, suggested varying oven temperatures, watch the cake go in the oven with me and watch me take it out only to be disappointed as it deflated in front our eyes for the umpteenth time!  Well after what seems like a 100 eggs about goodness knows how many attempts I finally “cracked” it.  It turned out maths and science is the key to this cake!  Here is the recipe that finally made it happen and I was thrilled, finally a cake that did not deflate or wrinkle substantially,  the Taiwanese neighbour was even more thrilled as she really missed eating this cake which can only be bought in Taiwan.  The rest of street was happy too as they no longer had to sample this cake which I think tastes like fart when it is warm!

My prize was not a cake that did not deflate or wrinkle but over the course of the next 10 months, I had got to know 5 ladies very well, we supported each other through baking, home schooling, laughed at the silliest things, discussed our upbringings which were similar and most of all developed a trust.  My prize is 5 new friends which I hope to meet in person one day to play mah jong, bake, eat and laugh with.  They have been my companions, confidents, a much needed distraction to covid and has been my saviour in more ways than they realise and they never fail to make me laugh.  You wont be named but you all know who you are.  Thank you to all of you for entertaining this crazy lady who wouldn’t give up and I look forward to getting to know you all even more in the future.  I promised I would not bake this f’ing T cake again until the 1st May 2021! Until then ladies Jo Sun, good Aan Zou and Jo Tau 😂

This entry is dedicated to 5 beautiful and strong ladies who turned out to be the real prize which is much better than an inflated, smooth farty cake!

The video and formula which resulted in successful results
I followed: https://youtu.be/_vfdupZNKqo
Taiwanese Castella Cake attempt no ## (I reckon 15 ish)
8inch tin
400g eggs
100g veg oil
115g sugar
100g plain flour
100g semi skimmed milk
10g cornstarch
4g salt
1 TSP vanilla
1/2 TSP cream of tartar
160 conventional top and bottom for 1 hour. Put tray with hot water in the oven to create steam whilst I prepared the batter. Finally *cracked* it or not as the case maybe!

I heated the oven until it reaches 160 and I could see the steam on the glass of the oven.
Use a square or round tin with straight sides, loaf tins have too much sides and slanted walls. Meringue whip to medium/stiff. I baked on a lower shelf in the oven. Not quite bottom but just under the half way.

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