Freezing Cheese

Wai Han Smith Jan 2015

A member had recently bought some discounted cheese and the discussion of freezing cheese started.  I learnt last year that you can freeze all cheeses but the cheese can change it’s characteristic after it is defrosted.  I do not mind cooking with frozen cheese but am not keen on eating it with a cracker after it is defrosted.

Lynne also kindly shared her top tip which I thought was brilliant and I may start doing for mozzarella as I have just started to make pizza’s at home.

Tips for leftover Parmesan

Often when you buy parmesan for a dish/recipe, you don’t use it all.  You leave what’s left in the fridge and the next time you come to it, it’s speckled with blue and then is fed to the food compost bin.To combat spoilage and waste, I grate the whole lump of parmesan I’ve bought and freeze what I don’t use in a ziploc bag. Saves the block going mouldy. Then I sprinkle the parmesan on hot pasta when needed. (Direct from freezer – the heat thaws the cheese). No waste from a fairly costly cheese. 🙂

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