Hokkaido Bread – Wai Han Smith

The first time I tried this I failed miserably as I did not know how to knead the bread by hand.  I really wanted to master the bread without having to purchase a bread machine or a kitchenaid.  After some research I found some video’s showing how to knead sticky bread so I tried the bread again using the recipe from below video.  I was amazed, after 10 minutes of kneading the dough was ready.  I was so happy with the end results, my boys and hubby munched up all the bread before it had time to cool.  The ones filled with coconut and sugar were really nice too.

Here are the videos:

I used strong bread flour and normal full fat milk. the recipe from this lady: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=99vcNlVucV0

The kneading method i followed, this fork, slap and fold method.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kXV8mayG3W0. it took about 10mins for the dough to reach the the window pane stage.

The Recipe:

Tang Zhong

75g bread flour

250ml water


375g bread flour sieved

4 tablespoon sugar

1/2 teaspoon salt

7g yeast

125ml milk

1 egg

3 tablespoon (43g) melted butter

145g Tang zhong

My results:

hok2 hok3


I got a bit cocky and tried this recipe again but this time I doubled up the batch, I had a feeling the dough was too wet but persevered and hand kneaded for 40mins ! I did not want to add any more flour as I did not want to ruin the dough.  After the first proof it doubled but it was still too wet to form into a dough or roll out.  I split the dough and put them in the loaf tins and let them rise again, these were then baked.  I left the bread overnight uncovered on the counter to dry out a bit.  The bread was still nice and soft and tasty but not quite as good as the first time.  I shall take on board the groups advice and pour in the milk a little at a time the next time I make this.   I may stick to one batch for now too but cannot wait to bake more.

second attempt:

hokb hokb2


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