Introduction to Chiffon Cakes

Chiffon cakes were invented by Henry Baker in the early 1900’s he kept the recipe a secret for 2 decades before he sold it to Betty Crocker (General Mills) in 1947.  General Mills published the recipe, here is a link to the original

Chiffon cakes are normally baked in a tube pan like this:

tube pan

You can purchase tube pans from or

I have yet to buy one a tube pan and bake my chiffons in an aluminium push pan without a non stick coating, bought from Lakeland.

lakeland push pan

It is best to bake the chiffon in a tin without a non stick coating as the cake batter needs to cling onto the sides to hold itself up.  It is possible to bake a chiffon in a pan with a non stick coating but your cake may deflate or not rise to it’s full potential.




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