Kiwi and Apple Jam

My lovely neighbour Sue gifted me some Riverford Kiwis’s and Apples. The last batch she gave me I made some Kiwi daiquiri’s which was lovely. This time I decided to make Jam in the bread machine as it is something I have not done yet. Years ago I did use the Jam function to make pork floss and it worked really well.

I used the principal of equal amounts of fruit to sugar and added lemon juice as I did not have any pectin.

I ended up with:

326g Kiwi (once peeled)

223g Apples (once peeled and cored)

550g Caster Sugar

4tsp Lemon Juice

I put everything into the bread machine and set it to the Jam function.

I was very pleased with the end results. The texture is pretty good. I find the taste a little sweet and it is missing a flavour. The next time I will use kiwi’s and lime as I think the lime will give it an extra depth of flavour. As they were eating apples and not cooking apples the fruit stayed in tact, this has turned out to be a bonus as it gives an extra texture. The boy had some on their porridge today and they approved!

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