Lor Mai Gai – Suey Yip

lor mai gai 糯米雞 by Suey Yip

Steamed sticky rice with chicken in lotus leaf wrap

4 chick leg/thigh meat
1 -2 Lap chong
Chinese mushrooms
Dried shrimps
Soak lotus leaves
a little rated ginger:

Marinated for each leg 1 table spoon of;
Light soy
Oyster sauce
I heap table of potato/corn starch.
white pepper, sesame oil
Pre soak 1 kg glutinous rice for 2 hours,

4 chick leg/thigh meat sliced into small pieces

1 -2 Lap chong, Chinese mushroomsDried shrimpsSoak lotus leavesa little grated ginger:

For each chicken leg marinated 1 table spoon of;Light soy (4)Oyster sauce (4)Wine (4)I heap table of potato/corn starch.(4)Add white pepper, sesame oil.

Stir fry chicken until nearly cooked then add the rest of ingredients, add enough water (preferably from the water you used to soak the mush n dried shrimps) so it just saturated nearly to the top of the chicken. Make sure the end sauce is really thick.Placed drain rice and filling on to the lotus leaves with veins on the outside. Wrap like pancake roll. And steam for a good 30-40 mins the longer the softer it is.Alternatively steam the presoaked rice for around 10 mins which makes it easier to manage and wrap. Remember to grease proof the lotus leaf with oil. Steam for 25-30 mins.Should able to make 8- 10 bowl size portions.

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