Man Tao

After trying several recipes, this is the one I found to be best and now use on a regular basis;

It is important to steam these on a steady heat, as too much steam results in dimply and wet bao’s.  Once you have completed steaming, let the bao’s sit with the lid on for about 5 to 10mins, this will stop it deflating.  I have also found normal plain flour produces a fluffy bao.



  • Yi

    Hi there, thanks for linking my recipe so I could find your lovely blog. Those steamed buns look absolutely fabulous! Great job and thanks for sharing!

    • waihan

      Thank you so much for your recipe, I tried many and yours was spot on! My mum and late grandma really enjoyed them. I recently learnt to make wholewheat man tao’s, I think the recipe could do with a bit more tweeking though.

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