Pandan and Kuih Salat March 2015

The topic this month is going to be Pandan and Kuih Salat. I was given some Kuih salat today and it was my first time eating it and really enjoyed it. I have seen some Pandan items being produced by members over the past months too. Pandan is not something I have ever used, so I will need to track down some Pandan flavouring/essence to try. If you have any suggestions as to where we can buy this product and the best brand to buy please share with us. Also one of our members Ah Bee Flanders has a blog and there is a recipe for Kuih Salat on there if you wish to try. I certainly will be trying as soon as I track down some Pandan or I may try just try it without if I cannot find any soon. Here is a link to the Ah Bee Flander’s recipe…/kuih-seri-muka…

What is Pandan?

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