Polly’s Cheung Fun

Polly’s Cheung Fun

Rice flour 150g
Tapioca flour 90g
Wheat flour 10g (optional)
Oil 1 table spoon

1. Mix all above ingredients, add 350ml cold water stir well and rest 5 mins, and then add 350ml hot-warm water stir well.
2. Prepare a non stick pan, pour the mixture into the pan, the thinner the layer, the smoother the cheung fan.
3. Put the spring onion/dried shrimp on top, close the lid for 1-2 mins with medium high heat.
4. Leave the pan out of the heat and roll it up and it’s done. Repeat the next one again.
*make sure each time when pour the mixture need to stir well again*


I have tried this and it is good.

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