Taro Croquette

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This has been on my ‘to make’ list for along time but unfortunately I have not been able to source any yam or taro in my local area.  During my visit to Reading this weekend I wanted to make sure that I purchase some.  When visiting my good friend Jenny, I was shocked to see this massive Yam on her kitchen worktop.  To my delight she gave it to me :)

So today I was able to experiment and to try and make yam croquette, I was delighted at the results.

I have only made a plain ones today as I did not want to waste time making the filling if the outside did not pan out.  My lessons learnt so far is that, you must have enough oil for the amount of croquettes you wish to fry at any one time.  Also I found that if the temperature of the oil was not hot enough (above 150) the croquette would disintegrate.

I used the below recipe for the outer yam part:


The filling I made myself from, aubergine, chicken and yellow bean sauce.

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