Topic Chiffon 20th March 2015

Topic – Chiffon cake
I thought we could have Chiffon cake as a topic as many members would like to master this sponge.
Lynne Lee –Diep is our very own chiffon queen and you will find many of her recipes on the website.

The chiffon cake was invented by Harry Baker in 1927 and he kept the recipe secret for 20years.
Tips on Chiffon:…/back-to-basics…/
A bit of Chiffon history…/21/the-story-of-chiffon-cake.html
I have not bought a chiffon tin and instead I bought a 23cm round aluminium push tin which has worked well. I have yet to try the chiffon in the square aluminium push tin yet but I intend to at some point. I have tried Lynne’s chocolate chiffon and it is fabulous, light and airy and able to withstand fruit and cream in between the layers. I will be trying the plain chiffon next and then the lemon one.

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