This website has been created so I can try and keep track of my bakes and experiments to remind myself what I have tried!  It is my online cooking reference and it is also a source for friends and family who has asked about recipes I have followed.  My two sons are my food critiques and it is reminder to them of what they have eaten.  

A little about me, I was born in the UK to Hong Kong Chinese parents and was raised in the UK.  After having the children I started cooking and baking more.  I am not a professional blogger or photographer.  I enjoy cooking and learning how to perfect dishes.  This site is simply a cooking diary for me, family and friends to view.


This was created several years ago to compliment what is now known as the BBC Food Club, a Facebook group.  The website will close in due course and I have moved all the material to this website for future reference.  Facebook now has more tools within groups which helps organise posts so they can be found more easily so I am unlikely to add recipes to this area.