Japanese Strawberry Short Cake

These are delicious and worth making again! http://www.bakeforhappykids.com/2016/01/easy-japanese-strawberry-chiffon.html?fbclid=IwAR2JsqNqea2laNwpOP0r0IeA17g_o-t6Cj9og_NreBdmJF0NutVosnk7GNw For the chiffon cake:140g egg whites (about 4) – please exact weight70g caster sugar60g egg yolk – please exact weight40ml vegetable oil70ml milk1/2 tsp vanilla extract or paste75g cake flour To assemble:300 ml cold whipping cream, 35% fat, reserving 2 tbsp to brush the top of the …

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Apple Chiffon

Apple Chiffon (contains grated apple) with salted caramel I followed this recipe using cooking apples incorporated into the sponge. http://happyflour.blogspot.com/…/apple-chiffon-cake… For the apples on top of the cake, I used 50g of red eating apples, sliced and tossed in lemon juice as per this recipe:https://www.anncoojournal.com/apple-rose-chiffon-cake/ A lovely combination and recipe and will definitely make it …

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Oreo Chiffon 3 Egg, 7inch Tin


  I used Mandy Chew’s recipe but I scaled it down to a 3 egg (large eggs) and omitted the baking powder and cream of tartar. I used my 7inch aluminium push pan from Lakeland. You will find the quantities for the 3 egg version here: https://www.britishbornchinesefood.co.uk/chiffon-3-egg-recipes/ Here is a link to Mandy’s original recipe: …

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Chocolate chiffon


3 tier chocolate chiffon with chocolate fresh cream, chocolate fingers and maltesers. 3 tier chocolate chiffon wrapped in a chocolate lace, fresh cream and fresh strawberries and raspberries. I used Lynne Lee Diep’s chocolate chiffon recipe, the chiffon sponge was baked and frozen and then bought out to defrost on the day. Recipe can be …

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Japanese Cheese Chiffon

jap chiffon

This recipe was posted by Jenny Cheung.  The extra egg white in this really works well. I scaled it down: 4 egg Whites 22g sugar   3 egg yolks 30g sugar 34ml oil 86ml milk 67g SR flour pinch of salt 86g full fat cream cheese   Note, cream cheese and milk to be heated …

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Coffee Chiffon 3 egg

coffee e1455027202751

  I tested out this recipe today: http://thedomesticgoddesswannabe.com/2015/11/coffee-chiffon-cake/ I omitted the baking powder and found that this cake did not inflate as much as my normal chiffon’s, next time I will add the baking powder.  The coffee taste is prominent but not excessively strong.

Introduction to Chiffon Cakes

tube pan

Chiffon cakes were invented by Henry Baker in the early 1900’s he kept the recipe a secret for 2 decades before he sold it to Betty Crocker (General Mills) in 1947.  General Mills published the recipe, here is a link to the original http://researchingfoodhistory.blogspot.co.uk/2013/08/chiffon-cake-new-sponge-cake-in-1948.html. Chiffon cakes are normally baked in a tube pan like this: You …

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