Bor Lor Bao


These are available in most Hong Kong Bakeries and something I grew up eating.  The name Bor Lor Bao, literally translates to Pineapple Bun because it looks a like a pineapple.  This particular recipe was kindly shared by Susan Liu and she obtained it from a bor lor bao master!

I did try making this once before but failed, this recipe is brilliant and has worked perfectly everytime.  I half the below recipe and make 6.

Ingredients for the 12 Bao’s:

500g bread flour  used tescos finest bread flour

100g sugar

10g custard powder

10g yeast

50g milk

60g butter

200g water

1 egg

Ingredients for the skin

210gbread flour

112g sugar

56g lard

1 Tbs milk

half egg

1/2 teaspoon bicarbonate of soda

I put all the ingredient for the Bao in the bread maker and set it to the “dough” function, this takes 90 mins to knead and proof in my machine.  I then prepare the skin part, mix all the ingredients by hand until it is well combine and then roll it into a sausage shape and wrap it in cling film and place it in the fridge until dough the bao is ready.

When the first proof is complete, take it out of the machine, divide the dough into 6 and shape into round shapes.  Remove the skin from the clingfilm and cut into 6 equal parts, roll into part into a ball and place in between the clingfilm and roll it gently with the rolling pin.  You want it large enough to cover the bao.  Score the skin very gently  into diamonds, if you score too deep the skin will split.  Place the scored skin over the dough and let it proof for 45mins.

Preheat the fan oven at 160, brush the skin with an egg before baking them for 18mins.



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