Oven Baked SW Chicken Thighs & SW Wedges – Lynne Diep

Oven Baked SW Chicken Thighs & SW Wedges


75ml chicken bovril (I guessed half from a small 125ml jar)
1tsp mixed spice
1tsp onion granules
1tsp garlic powder
Shake or two of cayenne pepper.
Put that into a shallow bowl, mix together before cracking in an egg & beating it together.
Blitz a small (60g’ish) wholemeal roll (or two slices of bread)
Add in 2 tsp mixed herbs (I used Schwartz Italian Seasoning),
1tsp ground black pepper,
few shakes of white pepper. Blitz & tip into shallow bowl.
Put 6 small/medium chicken thighs in a pan. Add cold water & bring to boil. Simmer for 10mins.
Drain & rinse under cold running water. Pat dry with kitchen paper. Skin the chicken & remove excess fat if you want to be healthy or leave it on – your choice.
Dip chicken in the savoury egg seasoning mix. Get chicken coated in the mix & let excess mix drip off before placing it onto dish of seasoned crumbs. Coat in crumbs, pressing down to coat.
Place on a baking tray which had been spritzed with oil/fry light.
Spritz little more oil on top chicken. Bake around 200c for around 20-30mins until chicken fully cooked. Flip chicken over halfway.
Rinse potatoes (King Edwards. that’s why they crumbled. I left then in hot water too long).
Cut into wedges/thick chips. Rinse in cold water.
Put in pan with cold water, when boiling, simmer 7mins and drain. Tip on to plate to dry a little. Place on a tray that has been spritzed with oil/fry light. Put the potatoes on. Spritz with oil. Sprinkle with salt, dust with paprika, pepper if you wish, or any other dry seasoning you prefer (curry powder, bbq seasoning…).
Roast high heat 10-15mins Turn over, spritz, sprinkle little more seasoning, oven again until crispy.
Syns: 4syns a portion.

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