German spiced apple and walnut twist cake – by Agi Man

German spiced apple and walnut twist cake – by Agi Man

For the dough:
300 ml milk
50 g butter
450 g plain flour (+ extra )
1 sachet instant yeast
60 g ( I only used 50g) sugar
1 pinch of salt
1 egg

2 big apples
1 handful walnuts
70 g soft butter
100 g (I used 80 g) sugar
3 tablespoons cinnamon

For the icing:
150 g icing sugar
2 tablespoons milk

How to make:
-Warm up the milk in a sauce pan and melt butter in it (do not allow it to boil)
-In a mixing bowl mix flour, sugar, yeast and salt pour the milk mix in plus the egg. And knead everything together, if the dough is to sticky add a bit more flour
-put the dough ball into a bowl, cover it and let prove until it doubled (about a hour)
-in the meantime cut the apples in small pieces, cut walnuts in pieces, mix together
-mix the soft butter with the cinnamon
-butter a 20 cm round baking tin
-cut the dough into 2 pieces and on a floured working top roll it out thinly (roughly 40×20 cm)
-put the butter mix on both pieces and on top put the walnut Apple mix
-cut the dough into 5-6 equal bits
-the tricky part: get the first strip and twist it around and when you finished get the 2nd part and twist it and so on until the dough is finished
-if finished let it prove in the baking tin for another 30 minutes
-preheat the oven 200*C
-put the baking tin in and bake for about 50-60 minutes
-after half the time is gone put tinfoil on baking tin (so the dough doesn’t burn)
-while u wait mix the icing sugar with the milk
-put icing sugar mix when the cake is still warm

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