Japanese Cream Cheese Chiffon – Jenny Cheung

Japanese Cream Cheese Chiffon

 200ml milk
200g cream cheese

8 egg whites
50g caster sugar
1/4 tsp cream of tartar

7 egg yolks
80ml sunflower oil
pinch of salt
70g Caster sugar (sifted twice with the salt)
155g Cake flour
1) Warm milk on med heat in a space pan. Cut up the cream cheese and add to the milk. Stir the mixture is smooth. Set to the side to cool.
2) In a large mixing bowl using a electric whisk, whisk up the yolks and caster sugar till pale and light.
3) Add the oil, and lightly fold it in. Then add the milk/cream cheese and fold in.
4) Add in the cake flour/salt in 3 parts in to the mixture, making sure each part is well folded in. Set aside
5)Whisk the whites till foamy, add the cream of tartar. Continue to whisk and add the caster sugar to the whites in 3 parts. Whisk till soft peaks.
6) Add 1/3 off the whites into the yolk mixture and gently fold. Carry on adding the other half of the whites and remaining whites.
7)Pour in to a chiffon pan and tap lightly on a surface.
8) Bake at 160 fan for 20 mins, reduce temp to 150 for 40mins
9) Remove from oven and invert the tin on a wine bottle or tall mug. Once cooled remove from the tin. And enjoy x

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