Microwave Mochi – Wai Han

I was so thrilled to discover I could make these so easily in the microwave and even better my boys loved them.  These were a child hood favourite of mine and traditionally they are steamed.

A really simple peanut and coconut mochi, the below makes 2 mochi’s, double up as necessary.

The Dough

50g Glutinous Flour

25g Caster Sugar

50ml Milk


salted peanuts

dessicated coconut



For the dough, mix all the ingredients well and microwave for around 5mins.  I recommend you microwave for a couple of minutes, take it out stir it and microwave at 1min at time until the dough is cooked.  Let it cool.

The dough is very sticky to handle, split the dough into two and put some flour on your fingers or on the dough, place the filling the in middle and seal the ball by squeezing bringing in the sides together, then roll the dough in the coconut.  You can also put the dough onto the coconut so the outiside is coated a little and easier to handle.  If you have not done this before, then maybe take a look at some you tube videos.





Mochi with peanut butter filling

mochi peanut butter

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